NetMotion Wireless Locality

The Need to Manage Wireless Networks

Today, business critical applications are accessed outside the corporate network. Cellular data networks have become an integral part of the infrastructure companies rely on to support their mobile workers.

A recent Yankee Group study found that nearly 50% of US businesses rely on cellular network access for their remote workers and offices. Organizations are increasingly realizing that cellular networks are a critical component of their operations infrastructure. And a growing mobile workforce requires investment in tools to ensure productivity in a remote work environment.

Wireless Deployment Challenges

Despite this trend, few tools are available to track the performance of cellular data networks leaving you without real data to quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues. This lack of visibility wastes valuable time and resources.

At the same time, the secure and reliable transmission of critical data becomes a much larger concern with public cellular networks. Threats of malware, dropped connections, and compromised bandwidth speeds create unique challenges that are amplified with the growing reliance on cellular networks.

The Solution 

Today there is Locality: innovative, cloud-based software that provides a deep level of insight into wireless network deployments, helping you gather real data to troubleshoot and fix critical connectivity issues and solve the common challenges of mobile computing.

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