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Secure, Managed Connectivity for Your Mobile Deployment

One of the most important foundations for a productive, results-driven mobile deployment is ensuring secure, reliable, managed connectivity. The more mobile the workers, the more they rely on using their devices over multiple networks to get their jobs done. NetMotion Mobility® gives your workers reliable, secure wireless connectivity. It is the only mobile VPN software that is self-diagnosing and healing. Plus, it supports both per-app and traditional VPNs, giving you more control, so you can get the most out of your mobile investments.


Mobility Protects Your Mobile Workforce from:

Poor or Dropped Connections and Lost Data

Frequent connection drops in the field create headaches for your mobile workers. Whether through application crashes that may result in lost data, or from wasted time as they are prompted to log on repeatedly or restart applications - dropped connections also mean more IT support calls. NetMotion Mobility builds a secure and reliable mobile VPN tunnel that protects users from the consequences of connection drops, high packet loss, or even from putting their systems into a sleep state. As soon as the connection is restored or their system is resumed, programs continue as though nothing happened.

Mobility can be upgraded with NetMotion Diagnostics to enable self-diagnostics, alerting (e.g., error conditions, network problems, usage thresholds) and network performance monitoring to ensure your users and the IT team that supports them are best equipped for success. With these tools, administrators can use Mobility’s policies, network optimizations, data compression and QoS tools to overcome, and effectively heal, the challenges associated with mobile networking. This ensures your mobile users are more productive and focused on their jobs - not the technology.

Controlling Network Access, Application Priority and User Experience

Mobile workers want their mobile experience to be the same as it is when they are in the office. With Mobility, you can provide this securely and reliably. You can effectively manage all deployed devices, both corporate and employee-owned, by creating custom policies around device, application, and network access. For example, you can give network priority to mission-critical applications, or block access to bandwidth-intensive or certain non-work related applications, so your workers stay productive and data costs are minimized.

Keep Enterprise Applications Running at Peak Performance

Wireless networks, especially cellular data networks, are frequently bogged down with other traffic, making it particularly difficult when your workers are using them to access larger data files or real-time applications like web/video conferencing. NetMotion Mobility uses advanced traffic optimization technologies like compression, coalescence, traffic shaping, and Best Bandwidth Routing™ to increase the performance of important mobile applications and provide a better experience for your workers.

Eliminate Outside Security Threats

Network security is paramount, especially when you're dealing with sensitive information and accessing it over public networks that can pose a security risk. Mobility provides end-to-end security with flexible options. From strong, standards-based encryption to FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption modules, Mobility supports multiple forms of single and two-factor authentication. Mobility is also Common Criteria Certified at EAL 4+ and supports NSA Suite B encryption.

Simple to Deploy, Software-Only Solution

Mobility is an easy-to-deploy, fully virtualized client/server solution that helps minimize the cost and complexity of your mobile deployment. It deploys in hours, not days, seamlessly integrating into your existing network management infrastructure without the need to modify any of your existing applications. And Mobility works on iPads and iPhones, as well as Windows and Android devices.

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