The Central Control Point for Your Mobile Deployment

You have a growing mobile workforce that depends on wireless connectivity to enterprise applications in order to perform their jobs at a high level. NetMotion Mobility® gives your workers reliable, secure wireless connectivity. And it gives you more control, so you can get the most out of your mobile investments.

Eliminate Dropped Connections and Lost Data

Frequent connection drops in the field create headaches for your mobile workers, who lose time and are prompted to log on again and again. It also means more IT support calls. NetMotion Mobility builds a secure and reliable mobile VPN tunnel, one that merely pauses mobile applications as workers roam, so they are more productive and focused on their jobs - not the technology.

Create Policy Containers to Address BYOD

Mobile workers want their experience to be the same as it is when they are in the office. With Mobility, you can do this securely and reliably. You can effectively manage all deployed devices, both corporate and employee-owned, by creating custom policies around device, application, and network access. For example, you can give network priority to mission-critical applications, or block access to bandwidth-intensive applications, so your workers stay productive.

Keep Mobile Enterprise Applications Running at Peak Performance

Public wireless networks are frequently bogged down with other traffic making it particularly difficult when your workers are using them to access larger data files. NetMotion Mobility uses advanced traffic optimization technologies like compression, coalescence, traffic shaping, and best bandwidth routingTM to increase the performance of important mobile applications, and provide a better experience for your workers

Eliminate Outside Security Threats

Network security is paramount, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive information and accessing it over public networks that can pose a security risk. Mobility provides end-to-end security using FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption modules, the US government's standard for security, and supports multiple forms of single and two-factor authentication. Mobility is also Common Criteria Certified at EAL 4+ and supports NSA Suite B encryption.

Simple to Deploy, Software-Only Solution

Mobility is an easy-to-deploy client/server software solution that helps minimize costs and complexity. It deploys in hours, not days, without the need for custom software deployment or expensive application rewrites. And Mobility works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch as well as most Windows and Android devices.

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