Diagnostics ROI Calculator

More than Insight: Savings

NetMotion Diagnostics not only provides the insight you need into cellular data networks, it also helps you significantly save costs. Through increased field worker productivity, reduced helpdesk tickets and visibility into aircard and modem usage, you can reduce your cost of operations.

Use the calculator below to enter your specific data into the non-shaded fields and see how much you could potentially save every year.

Mobile Worker Productivity
With Locality
Number of Field Employees
Average Employee Hourly Rate
Average Hours of Downtime per Month per Employee (from connection drops)
Lost Downtime per Year by Salary (x12)
Decreases downtime by average of 50% with coverage maps and detailed reporting on coverage availability
Savings using Locality

IT Help Desk Tickets
With Locality
Number of Monthly Connectivity Incidents Opened Per Field Employee
Average Minutes Spent per Connectivity Incident
Average IT Employee Hourly Rate
Average Hours Spent per Connectivity Incident per Year
Average Yearly Cost for Resolving Connevitity Incidents
Decreases incidents by average of 20% and resolution time by average of 50% with coverage maps and detailed reporting
Savings using Locality

Aircard Inventory Management
With Locality
Average Monthly Hours Spent Managing Aircard Inventory
Average Admin Employee Hourly Rate
Average Hours Spent Managing Aircard Invetory per Year
Average Yearly Cost for Managing Aircard Inventory
Decreases monthly hours by at least 80% with detailed inventory automation
Savings using Locality

Cellular Data Plan Savings
With Locality
Number of field employees
Percentage of Number of Underused or Unused Aircards
Average Cost per Aircard per Month
Decreases unused cards by 100% with detailed inventory reports tracking unused and underused cards
Average Cost of Underused or Unused Aircards per Year
Savings using Locality

Current Yearly Support Costs
Yearly Support Costs Using Locality
Percent Reduction Using Locality
50.88 %
Yearly Savings
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